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Thread: Strange deployment

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    Smile Strange deployment

    Just an amusing little thing in a multiplayer that I was playing today:

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    Default Re: Strange deployment

    I bet you won that battle

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    even funnier is that when you make the enemy rout that way , they actually drown!
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    They obviously don't want the enemy to conquer Atlantis.
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    There's an army I wouldn't wish to fight against.
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    That is a wierd battle position indeed... must've been funny as hell :)
    I wish I would face such a army... In my current Lusotanan campaign I kicked Carthaginian ass all around Iberia... Now, it's just easy again :( they kinda lost when they wasted an army of 2500 (nearlly a full stack) mostly of Poeni Citizen Militia but with a unit of artillerie, two of Numidian Skirmishers two of Libyan Spearmen (early) and one of Liby-Phoenician Heavy Infantry (late) against 600 of my lusitan guys (one general 2 Lusotannan Levy Skirmishers 2 of Lusotannan Light Spearmen one of Lusotannan Light Infantry and one depleted unit of Lusotannan Medium Spearmen) it was a massacre I ended up loosing 200 of my troops and their army routed... After that, I launched a counter attack against their posessions in Iberia and 15 turns latter thay had lost their other full stack, 2 half stacks and their possessions in Iberia... they even landed reinforcements but to no avail. I wish I had taken pictures so I could make an AAR about that campaign...



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