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Thread: Larger Units?

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    Question Larger Units?

    Im new in this forum, but not with EB.
    Only one stupid question.
    In some AAR´s there are Hastati or Principes of 162 men.
    How can I get such bigger units?

    Thank you for helping and sorry for this simple question.

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    just go to video options, check the show advanced settings and there you can change the unit size, huge will make them 162.

    yey, i was first!
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    Go to Options, check the box that says something like advanced options I think. There should be an option for unit sizes, huge being the one for 162 man units. Though it will put more of a strain on your computer during battles.

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    You need to set in options unit size to huge. But you would need to start a new campaign to use them too I think.
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    Default AW: Re: Larger Units?

    Oh thank you all for your quick answers.
    It helped me very much.

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    Note that this only works for new campaigns you start after you change the unit size, not for running campaigns. If you want to change the unit size mid-game, you'll need a save game editor.


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