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Thread: No one wants Ivernis

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    Default No one wants Ivernis

    In my game the southern Ireland town Ivernis is still a rebel city. The casse now have 3 full stacks around the town in northern Ireland, but they don't even move. Two of them are there since years.

    Does this happen often? Bug or AI?

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    Default Re: No one wants Ivernis

    We can only encourage expansion in a given direction by making the map so and so. We want the map to be as accurate as possible too, of course, so there's nothing we can do if the AI decides not to go somewhere, even if it looks natural, sorry.

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    Lightbulb Re: No one wants Ivernis

    It's quite common to see A.I. stacks lingering around another A.I.-controlled city without attacking. Nothing can be done about it, unfortunatly.
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