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Thread: Worshipper of Ceres x 2

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    I had a general (Romani) who had the Worshipper of Ceres trait listed twice for some reason. (v. 0.81a + all perm. fixes + no unofficial EB mods + Gestetae fix)

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    Thanks for your report. I've checked export_descr_character_traits and there are two traits concerning the same worship, seems to be an oversight. The traits in question are WorshipsCeresRoman and WorshipsCeresRomani. If you like you can remove one of them. Revoke the WorshipsCeresRomani trait from your generals first, then delete or comment out anything concerning that trait in that file. Give those who were worshipping Ceres the WorshipsCeresRoman trait instead.

    The same goes for Jupiter, you can delete anything concerning WorshipsJupiterRomani in the traits file. You should make sure that noone of your generals are worshippers of Jupiter first, revoke it and give them WorshipsIvpiterRoman instead.

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    Default Re: Worshipper of Ceres x 2

    This bug has been around for a long while but was low on the priorities. It has recently been adressed and the worshiper series has been reworked for the next release.

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    Great, glad to hear it, Marcus!

    And Bovi, thanks for the advice! :)


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