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Thread: Mongol Cav Archers

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    would Mongol's light cav recieve Any big bonus like in accuracy and/or rate of fire?
    It seem lke that if they are about the same as japanese cav Archers then they can't really be the backbone because they are really short on staying power.

    Also what about Mongol light Cav's unit size. I really don't mind if they are smaller sized, because, it seems like that smaller sized units are easier to manuever on the battle field then a unit of bigger size.
    Although they must pack at least the firepower of a comparative "bigger" japanese unit so that the much vaunted Mongolian Shoot -and-Scoot will work.

    I am a bit worried at the Mongol Light Cav/heavy cav Combo, if they are aren't any Much better then Japanese units in quaility, they may be destroyed very quickly... especially on blood consuming missions such as beach assauls and Bridges.

    remember much Vaunted Takeda CAvalry? Stick in 2 Ashiguru in front of them and they are pinned.

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    I can't find the reference, but I believe the Mongol Cavalry are better than their Japanese counterpart. It was also stated that the Mongol Light Cavalry is the fastest unit on the field.

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    The difficulties in using cavalry effectively in Shogun has been a long concern and made me wonder why people were pushing for the add on to feature a horse-heavy enemy. Those of us who have learned to use cavalry effectively still wish cavalry behave a little better.

    I know I'll be in a minority here, but I think the best way to effectively make the Mongols seem impressive would be to limit the deployment of yari troops early on in the Invasion campaign. Organized squads of spearmen were very uncommon in the 13th and 14th centuries (organized battlefield units in general were rare). Taking away YA, YS (and, in my opinion, the YC and probably the HC that are also out of place...Cavalry Archers represent the mounted upper class samurai of the time, even if they didn't fight in such groups, and Naginata Cavalry would represent the melee versions, whether or not such existed in large numbers), would give the Mongols a good early advantage and give their horseman some actual power to hurt Japanese forces. It's probably an unpopular opinion, but I believe it would help balance the two and also make it slightly more historical (after all, they're thankfully not allowing firearms units in the Invasion Campaign).
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    I think that Cav Archers in STW are colse to useles!
    maybe its just the vodka talking but i always see my CA shoot TOO high,the SA do the same.
    i just hope that in the MI the Mongols will shoot at the enemy in the right engel!

    or maybe i should stop giving my Samurai Vodka before evry battel!


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    Agree with much of what Naomasa-san says. My own interpretation of the situation during the Mongol Invasions was that the main advantage of the Mongol light cav over the samurai horse archers was their greater *discipline*. Both were superb archers but the Mongols were drilled to stay in strict formation and follow orders to advance and feign retreat without deviation. Although the samurai were forced to adapt over the course of the two invasions they still preferred to fight in loose formation and remained impetuous.

    Would also liked to have seen a new core troop type for the Japanese - Heavy Cavalry Archers. At this time they wore the bulky O-yoroi type armour which was heavier than the later Do-maru suits of the Sengoku era. This, plus the revisions suggested by Naomasa, would provide a nice contrast to the Sengoku era armies we are used to and also provide a generalised feeling of the actual period.

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    From what I remember in the interviews about the expansion the mongol light cav will also be good hand to hand fighters,utilizing hand axes,after their arrows are spent.
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    Still...I don't Like my Horses getting chased around by Ashigurus...
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    I'd like to see mounted ashigaru!

    That would be a hoot! Put them on donkeys and have them charge into the enemy!

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