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    Question Non-combatant

    I am running out of space in DMB and i just realized that there are like 20 non-combatant units at the bottom of the file (also in EDU). I've never seen them before (and they aren't in EDB). So my question is, will anything happen if I just delete them?

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    whoa. replied in wrong thread. sorry. (please delete)
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    before you ask a RTW modding question make sure you have done these things:

    1. At least read these two stickies in the Modding Questions forum: Introduction and Welcome
    2. used the search function (upper right corner of your screen) to know if your Q has been asked before.
    3. browsed the Modding Answers subforum, and the Scriptorium.

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    captn. do you mean the ones like:

    type east_female_peasant_lbc
    skeleton fs_dagger
    indiv_range 40
    model_flexi data/models_unit/east_female_peasant_300.cas, 8....
    I think they are the peasants you see walking around towns if you click the city view. Also think they are referenced from descr_lbc_db.txt and not EDU, but I don't see any reason why you couldn't point the descr_lbc_db.txt entries to some other models?! - worth a try anyway.

    Also watch out for generals battle models they are referenced from descr_character.txt and not EDU eg:
    battle_model saxon_general
    so you need not to accidentally delete those.
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    Question Re: Non-combatant

    Thanks Makanyane, I just removed them.
    What about the ones in EDU?


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