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    I have a problem, the game closes every time when I try to build in a settlement.
    When I try to build a building in Carna the game closes half way through ending the turn. Of course the obvious solution is not to build there but I don't waant tot do that, can someone provide a answer please.
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    Default Re: Game Closes

    You should post in the tech help forum. See

    Having problems getting EB2 to run? Try these solutions.
    I do NOT answer PM requests for help with EB. Ask in a new help thread in the tech help forum.
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    I once had this problem when I accidently repaired the AI government. Make sure you destroyed them all.

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    Default Re: Game Closes

    Building a building crashes sometimes happen when there are two of the same building tier in one time, such as government (as stated above).

    Also, are you using the "process_cq" cheat when it crashes? Because that will cause crashes in certain cases.


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