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    is there any possible way to find out the highest armor level a unit can reach. this is an example with the milanese i have a choice of feudal dismounted knights, dismounted men at arms and dismounted broken lances. only the broken lances can get advanced plate but i could only find that out once i had them in a settlement that upgraded to advanced plate.

    is there something here im overlooking or is there simply no way to tell? does any of the unit guides show you how far units can upgrade in armor?

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    You can tell in the EDU.

    type             Broken Lances
    armour_ug_levels 5, 6
    I don't know if it's in any guide, but I guess it should be.
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    The 1.2 Faust has armor upgrade levels for each unit.

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    You can also tell (sort of) by looking at the "next upgrade" section on their unit card when not in battle. If there isn't one, then its not possible.

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    thanks ill check the faust guide


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