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Thread: Anyone got a nice map of ancient Greece?

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    Default Anyone got a nice map of ancient Greece?

    No, this is not strictly a Total War question, and I would have posted it in the history discussion, except I'm not allowed to yet!

    Anyway, I have to do a small talk on Sparta tomorrow and I want a good-looking Powerpoint to back it up. Does anyone have a good-looking map of ancient Greece (the ones I've seen so far all look too basic/cluttered) where I can draw on shapes to represent the various countries' territories and get them to flash etc. (like in the RTW Alexander historical battle thing)?

    Basically, I'd like a map which:

    1. Looks good
    2. Isn't too simplistic - in fact, it should have the correct coastlines etc., not incorrect, approximate coastlines
    3. Preferably isn't completely filled with information, although I can live with that.

    Also, does anyone know of any links to a map of the world around the time of the height of Sparta (I'm doing a bit on Thermopylae, so around 480 BC is great) that's made in an "old style"? Again, correct coastlines etc. please, just made in an "old-fashioned" way, just to use as a background.

    Thank you very much!

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    Default Re: Anyone got a nice map of ancient Greece?

    This one's from HTW, it's pretty large, but it might be a good background though.

    (I hope they don't mind me suggesting their map.)


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    Default Re: Anyone got a nice map of ancient Greece?

    Thanks a lot, guys! :D


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