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    Default siege crashes

    hi all, its something i think i remember happening in 1.1 aswell so cant definatly say its a 1.2 thing.

    it only happens to be siege battles for some reason i just get a CTD saying unspecified error, and it happens in the same battles everytime so a simple reload doesnt, i think i saw a comment about it in a previous post but no discussion was made of this problem.

    just a bit annoying because auto calc makes you lose even though you will easily of won as defender, and i think the first time it happened there wasnt enough men to man the ladders? also when i killed their men on the ladders (i was defender) i got a message saying siege equipment has been left unmanned lol.

    well anyone know if theres something i can do so im not relying on autocalc? thanks

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    Default Re: siege crashes

    Did you patch over 1.1?

    If you did, unfortunately you'll have to reinstall the game.
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    Default Re: siege crashes

    and thatll fix my siege battle CTDs? its not an initial thing like post before, only happens in siege battles.

    will i lose my save games if you think a simple reinstall repatch will fix it?

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    Default Re: siege crashes

    no i reinstalled and patched right and thats working ok, but im still getting certain siege crashes its only happened again once so far and i did have quite a few sieges but now this certain one is doing.

    its a different city to when it was happening before.
    the other citys it has happened before were fine when i fought in them today (me and enemy constantly fighting around the same area none of us makin progress).
    the enemy has always had a culverin, ladders and possibly trebuchets/catapults too, they do this time.
    i think maybe there was always a general but not certain.

    anyone got any ideas? something todo with how the ai reacts to having siege weapons to knock down the door/walls then building stuff anyway or something? im not sure any help appreciated thanks.

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    Default Re: siege crashes

    I noticed one thing - somewhere on the forums was some tip how to make your sieges to run smoothly by removing some effects by addeing a zero sized text files. I did that, and I had crashes when buildings were about to be set on fire. So I just removed one of the files and its working fine so far.
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    Default Re: siege crashes

    what happened to me in one of the assults on a fortress ( and this is with the 1.2 properlly installed) was that when i selected the battering ram to charge, the dopes just literally took off. Yes as it sounds, instead of heading towards the gate, they started heading towards the exit like when they flee. Good thing i had ladders too but that was not suppossed to happen though.
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    Default Re: siege crashes

    yea ill have a look see if i can find that smoothness thingy.

    but it happens as soon as i click start battle, so before anythings about to catch fire etc.


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