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Thread: Heavy cav killes elephants

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    Default Heavy cav killes elephants

    I just tried in custom battle on ver. 1.02 to kill elephants whith heavy cav. And i won. One noble knight whit 3 exp. and armor and weapon upgrades killed elephant whith 6 exp. points. It was close but it worked every time. It works whit imperial knights to. To imperial knights or noble ones on 3 exp. kill any kind of elephant whith weapon upgrade and 9 point exp (3 gold chevrons). This is to good to be true. I can produce tons of these gays whith no problem. And this is only if i dont have horse breeder guild, and i don use lancers or gothik knights. The Timurids are death.

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    Default Re: Heavy cav killes elephants

    Its mainly because shields are fixed and the previously weaker ap cav is now quite powerful, especially against the lightly armoured elephants
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    Default Re: Heavy cav killes elephants

    Well you are basically right, but lancers kill them very good. Familia ducale on the onther hand failles. I mean that you need 2 units of them to kill elephant whith 3 gold chevrons and weapon upgrade. Normal ones whith silver chevrons are not a problem. It is the same whith the Quapaculu (or what ever). But any way it is not a problem. Just build allot of them, kill the beast and have fun.

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    Default Re: Heavy cav killes elephants

    Uhm.... You wont be fighting the timurids in 1 on 1 battles, now will you? Remember the enormous morale penalty of elephants, missile fire, artillery and the dreadful generals...

    Not that I'm saying it wouldn't work of course.
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    Default Re: Heavy cav killes elephants

    hasn't worked for me so far.

    Attacking elephants with horses = frightened horse pancakes

    fire arrows all the way - god I love it when they run amok just as the heavy lancers are pushing through them for the charge

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