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    I downloaded XL and the patch the other day and now I can't start MTW. It says to insert the correct cd-rom and restart the operation even though I have the MTW rom in my pc. Is there some MTW-XL icon I should be clicking on instead? Putting the cd-rom in to start the progam that way does nothing.

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    It might be you don't have the correct .exe. Are you in version 2.01?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noir
    It might be you don't have the correct .exe. Are you in version 2.01?
    It's VI and version 1.0. But I did get xl to play right after I installed it last week. I played as the cumans a couple of days. Don't know what could have changed.

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    Nevermind everyone. It's not the game. My dvd drive cannot read anything I stick in there. Oh joy! And thanks Noir for replying.

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    Good to see that you identified the problem so quickly Great Est..

    Hopefully you can get it fixed quick smart so that you can get back in the saddle and on the campaign trail!

    Best of luck mate!


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