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Thread: possibility to create a ladder or competition on ESL

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    Default possibility to create a ladder or competition on ESL

    Many of you knows ESL, a site that organize tourney and ladders for many games like Pes, Call of duty 2, CSS etc. Often to partecipate to that tourneys are the best clans in the multyplayer of all the games.
    Rtw and Medieval cause they are RTS and cause they didnt have the success of Cod or other games online, doesnt have a tourney there, but a friend propose me to create a ladder or a tourney there with me or who i want for admin, and with OUR rules.
    I think that a competition on Esl help the world of RTW or Medieval II to become important like the other games and help us to play another prestigious competition like or more than cwc\cwb etc.
    Cause i would be the admin, there isnt the problem of rules because before starting i want to ask all The Community about some rules that permits all to play happy.
    But for starting i need to know if there is interest to play on ESL, so i want to ask you all to say me if you want or dont want to play and eventually competition there and the format that you prefer(cup,ladder,2v2, 3v3 etc etc)
    Hannibal of BK

    The site of ESL
    Annibale, figlio di Amilcare, cartaginese. Se è vero, e nessuno lo dubita, che il popolo romano superò in valore tutti i popoli, non bisogna negare che Annibale tanto primeggiò sugli altri comandanti per saggezza, quanto il popolo romano precede per forza tutte le nazioni. Infatti ogni volta che si scontrò con lui in Italia, sempre ne uscì superiore.

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    Default Re: possibility to create a ladder or competition on ESL

    There are always people who are interested, Hannibal. I think you have proven yourself to be quite honourable and adept in TW to be an admin of this sort of project. I ran a ladder on GS that failed due to their customer service that neglected to fix a bug that allowed anyone to challenge anyone. I believe there is a ladder that started recently on TWL and another at TWcentre, but neither of these have picked up full steam IMO. But there is a demand, and although there are so many tournaments and such on, I think that a well formatted ladder would draw alot of veteran and new clans alike. I had 200+ members on my GS ladder, so theres proof that there is a demand for such a project.

    Best wishes and keep us updated on your progress.


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