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Thread: Aha,my great general

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    Being used to the fact that in vanilla rtw a general is most of the times very useful being a governor of a city i have recently understood that it is not so in EB.
    Playing as epeirus i decided to put a governor in massalia(my westernmost territory) to calm down the unrest.But to my surprise matters only got worse in the province upon his arrival.
    I checked his traits (thoroughly for once) and he had a myriad of negative traits that made him a blubberring idiot
    MORAl: check your generals carefully

    Now i have to think what to do with him
    Maybe a suicidal mission against the anverni would be a fitting gift for his services

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    Default Re: Aha,my great general

    I find such wastes of perfectly good air can excuse their existence by running around your empire setting up watchtowers (so the guys actually worth something can focus on doing their stuff), and as cavalry officers under more impressive relatives if there's room in the army.
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    I like to use them to set up watchtowers, rebel patrol, and act as a merc ambassador. They're great to send around all over the place to recruit troops, which can be sent to your good generals.

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    Default Re: Aha,my great general

    I usually send them (alone) to build a fort into an enemy province, and to make guard duty...

    until an enemy full stack ends up being invited to the fort...

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    I wonder if generals like these can gain some positive traits if they stay doing garrison duty in cities with academies?
    Or is it a long process not really worth the time.
    And there is always the danger of them having offsprings that would have the "like their father"

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    Default Re: Aha,my great general

    They can get positive traits from academies, but once they are properly spoiled that won't save them or make them any better. So the academy treatment might help with his son, while he is still 16.

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    It seems like all of my generals/governors round out when they become middle aged. My good ones become mediocre and my bad ones become sub-par governors.


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