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Thread: Smarter Naval AI?

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    Default Smarter Naval AI?

    While their landlubber counterparts continue to do bright things such as stand within range of cannon towers until routed/eliminated, the naval AI seems to be a lot smarter in 1.2. My Scottish fleet, with 4 much-needed generals, left Edinburgh for Antioch with a full 20 unit stack and was harassed all the way by every enemy going - Mongols, Milan, Spain, Egypt. It seemed as if word had got around that 4 family members were onboard and they did everything to delay and whittle down the fleet, which arrived at Antioch with just 3 full units.

    The surround tactic in the pic was tried 3 times, luckily when I attacked only 3 stacks at a time ever took part in the battle against me.
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    Is your banner on your ship almost full?
    If so that is quite the transport unit...

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    Default Re: Smarter Naval AI?

    That far into the game, always remember to either go to crusade by foot or bring ALOT of ships with you. It is best to try to end up on land every turn just to be safe
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