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Thread: Underwhelming Ptolemaic Elite Units

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    Default Underwhelming Ptolemaic Elite Units

    I've noticed in my recent Ptolemaioi campaign, that the Kleurochi (Sp?) Agema are quite...bad.

    When you compare them to the Pezhetairoi, they have one less defense, 1300 more recruitment, and 300 more upkeep in exchange for a "Excellent Morale" Trait, as opposed to the Pez's "Good Morale". Is that really worth it? I would expect more from the "Elite Ptolemaic Phalanx". Even if, historically, the Pez' were about on the level with the Kleur, then why call either one of them "Elite".

    This is further exacerbated by the fact Silvershields, who have comprable cost to the Kleurochi Agema and are the rival "Elite Phalanx" for the Diadochi, have advantages over Pezhetairoi in attack, defense, and morale. The Ptolemaic Royal Guard is also quesitonable, being an elite phalanx, except with shorter spears than the other phalanx's they'll likely face. What gives?
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    Default Re: Underwhelming Ptolemaic Elite Units

    There will most likely be stat changes to these units. In fact, the Chalkaspidai have better stats than the Argyraspidai even though historical they were not nearly as good as the latter. So there is still some adjustments to be made.

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    Default AW: Underwhelming Ptolemaic Elite Units

    For me all Ptolemaioi units seem to be very expensive for their stats. Or at least nearly one, havent played with them.

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    Default Re: Underwhelming Ptolemaic Elite Units

    Yeah, Basilikon Agema's shorter spears put them at a huge nerf versus other elite phalanxes. I'm sure changes will come once the team goes through the motions of including the more exciting features still to come, there's always time for tweaking the units (remember there are a lot of units and different faction combinations ((some factions can use phalanx armies or sword armies or both combined) so it's difficult to keep a certain balance of gameplay, coupled with the fact that the team strives for historical accuracy above all) some faction's Elite units will be better than other equivalent faction's Elites, sometimes by a lot, relying heavily on history as a benchmark

    however you named some examples I think will be addressed in due time

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    Default Re: Underwhelming Ptolemaic Elite Units

    BTW, didn't basilikon agema get reformed as legionary style unit just before the roman civil wars under ptolemy auletes?
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    Default Re: AW: Underwhelming Ptolemaic Elite Units

    Quote Originally Posted by LennStar
    For me all Ptolemaioi units seem to be very expensive for their stats. Or at least nearly one, havent played with them.
    Presumably this represents the rebellious nature of the local population, making them liable to take part in civil wars on the wrong side. The costs of repressing such problems would be represented by higher unit recruitment and upkeep costs.
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    Default Re: Underwhelming Ptolemaic Elite Units

    That's specifically cited as the reason for example Pantodapoi and Machimoi Phalangitai are more expensive that comparable levy pikes in Makedonia. And also why the Mada Asabara cost noticeably more than the essentially identical Aspet Hetselazor.
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    Default Re: Underwhelming Ptolemaic Elite Units

    Klerouchikon Agema has clearly bugged stats though, they should be comparable to Agryaspidai, methinks. Anyway, the Royal Guard aren't meant to be used in the same manner as the pikemen, but rather, to hold the line at the flanks, as a reserve force, or to attack weak points at a non-phalanx section of an enemy line, since they excel in a phalanx as well as out of it.


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