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    I was wondering something about the factions with mixed religions - ERE, WRE, Goths. What factors are deciding the religion of the new family members? The father's religion or the the religion of the city in which they were born?

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    Hi guvidus,
    I'm not too sure, but, I think, that it's based on the religion of your settlements and how many you have of each type. In my experience, I have found that when I convert to Christianity completely, all my Generals are Christian, but, when I have a hybrid of both, I get an odd Pagan general crop up every now and then, as well as some Christian ones. Hope this helps, cheers!

    BTW, Generals cannot be of a religion that cannot be constructed by their faction in the form of temples. For example, the great and almighty ERE, cannot ever get any Zorostrasian generals born to them - despite how many officially Zorostrasian provinces they own. Sorry.
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