Introduction:Arminius dream

Arminius opened the door.That day was cold.The winter had came, and it was a very colder one.

He started to walk.That was strange, because it was a real dream.I saw my very nation in troubles.Did I made a mistake?The time will tell me if Im wrong.Arminius thought

Arminius come to the plaza of Damme.Few people are there.Some people is training there, and a few Barbarian Warlords are there, watching how they are.But Arminius, the German Leader, isnt interested on those people training.He had a feeling that the world is going to be Roman, those "good people".He had that dream, and the Gods are true always.

A man with a cap started to talk to Arminius.He said,

Come, the Gods told me you was going to be here.

After a hour of conversation, Arminius asked this man,

Can the destinity of our nation be changed?

This man said, Only if you make the right movements, in the exact time.

The German Leader is confused now.What should he do?Will the Germans survive?Or are they going to be a former faction?

Now its the time to know it.