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Thread: Basic prefernces config file question

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    Default Basic prefernces config file question

    Is there a coherent and comprehensive list somewhere of what all the switches in the config file do? I'm looking for something with minimum discussion and simple factual statement only (it does this, it doesn't do this, or we don't know what this switch is in there for).

    While I was poking around to make sure my green arrows were turned off, I noticed a lot of apparently yes/no switches for videos (0 = yes, 1 = no) that couldn't remember ever having seen, and that seemed to have the no switch enabled (and it's confusing because sometimes they ask the question backwards and you have to give the reverse answer to what you would expect). No wonder this game was so hard to produce...

    And I still don't understand how to keep the banners in the game but reduce them to a more realistic scale. I had gotten as far as unpacking 1.01, but couldn't find the file I was looking for, and couldn't figure out how to repack the whole thing without doing a fresh install. (Doesn't an unpacked version take up a lot more space? I'm running low on space these days, and am too lazy to start uninstalling things).

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