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    they keep saying that there has been a battle editor released for M2TW but where is it and how do I use it
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    Hi heisme,
    I'm sorry to say that I'm not too sure as I have not yet used the battle editor in any of the next generation TW games (R:TW and M2:TW). However, although this may be incorrect, and knowing me it probably will be, I have read somewhere that you may need to add something to the shortcut which you use. I'm very sorry to say though, that the command line was not stated in the information I read, so, sadly, I'm doing this on illogical guess work. My sincere apologies if this fails

    To do this simply right click on your M2:TW shortcut and select properties. Click on the shortcut tab and, in the category known as "Target", change the shortcut to ""[command line]" -battle_editor", where command line means the shortcut that is already there.

    Hope this helps, sorry if it fails, good luck, cheers!
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