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Thread: -ian with more than 20 factions

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    Default -ian with more than 20 factions

    I tried to search and find this info, but did not find an answer.

    I have created a mod with 29 factions. I would like to be able to use the -ian mode to monitor and switch among the new factions to make sure their ecnomies and tech trees are feasible. Obviously all of the new factions are factions 21-29. Is there anyway to switch to these factions?

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    Default Re: -ian with more than 20 factions

    In a word, no. You can only switch factions FN_00 through to FN_19 (ctrl-1 --> ctrl-0, and shift-1 --> shift-0)

    Obviously you can start with the higher numbered factions, but once you switch away, you can't switch back (unless you save the game then reload it when you've finished switching around). Hope that helps, good luck with the mod!

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