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    is there any way to go into the games Data and delete units? i want to delete Inquisitors, im sick of them; they kill your kings even if they have full religous thingy or whatever or when an Assassin has max stats and they just dont die. if you dont know how to do what im asking then could you at least give me advice to deal with them? thanks

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    I doubt you can remove them from the files.

    What you can do, however, is surround them with military units and 'squash' them.

    eg (where M=military unit and I=inquisitor)


    Moving a military unit onto the inquisitor will kill him.
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    It works for all types of non military units.

    99% of the time, I use it for opposing religion missionaries. They r a pain in the ass as i dun get assassins.

    1% of the time for enemy assassins as, some times, AI *SPAMS* them. I have to clear up the world map.

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    Actually IIRC there is a mod at TWC which deletes the unit all together.
    Have a look at their D/L section and also do a search there.
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