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    Has anyone else gotten a general to sainthood in MTWII.?

    I really dont know how it happened but I got a huge empire (HRE) with a 7 star general (Emperor Heinrich) and tried to get good with the pope.

    I kinda got caried away...

    In every single settlement i built it up at least to church (or whatever its called in the game) and set out on crusade to antioch. By the time he got there (overland route) he crushed Byzantines (converting all of Greece to catholocism in the process (spamming priests) and the beat the **** out of then Sejuks. knocking them out of Anatolia. For some reason there was a lotn of Mercs in that area, besides normal +crusaders and then pushed down to antioch. With the huge income, most of Italy, central+Northern europe, and Greece, i built Antioch up to huge city over a very long time. This was in 1.0 but for some reason Heinrich seemed to live FOREVER. and i buil huge cathedral in Antioch. His name change form Heinrich the crusader to Heinrich the saint. Anyone else had this happen?
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    Never happened to me.. Although, of course, I think you are asking those with upwards 20 hours minimum of M2TW play time, right? Not me to answer then.
    I do want to say, though:
    This was in 1.0 but for some reason Heinrich seemed to live FOREVER.
    That's "normal". It's not realistic normal, but for the game it is. See, they didn't change the age-growth of people from RTW, which was 6 months per turn. However, in M2, one turn=TWO years.
    Of course, there are plenty of mods to arrange that.

    Actually, can you get a general to sainthood? I don't recall it from the manual...
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    Hi Warmaster Horus,
    I beleive that the saintly attribute is similar to any other attribute which provides a name addition in M2:TW or R:TW. It simply adds a suffix (or in some cases a prefix) onto the almighty general's name through a trait (in this occasion the trait "Saintly") to show what he is commonly famous for among his lesser gentlemen and his fellow lords. I wouldn't have thought that the Pope will have had to grant this title upon the general - it will probably be simply be activated through standard trait triggers if the conditions for it's appearance are fulfilled perfectly. Hope this helps, cheers!
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    or is it possible for the pope to call your general a saint after he dies? the real way; like John Paul II.

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    Default Re: Saintdome

    As the Org Pope, I would have asked you, God's Grace.

    Really, it cannot be done; the Posthumous cannonization does not figure into MIITW.

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