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Thread: Several questions about the Startpos files

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    Question Several questions about the Startpos files

    Ok, so I'm having a lot of fun modding the startpos files. I do have a couple of questions, though, that I can't seem to find the answers to here:

    1) How exactly does the "rebellious" column work under province attributes?

    2) How do the "vice index" and "virtue index" columns work under the office and governorship attributes?

    3) Is it possible to arrange for two factions to start out at war with each other?

    4) Is it possible to start a campaign with a Crusader army already in progress towards a specific destination?

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    Default Re: Several questions about the Startpos files

    1) the larger the number (up to #4) the greater the rebelliouness AND the greater the damage from disasters

    2) 0 has no effect, -1 gives a random
    --- originally there was going to be a numerical scheme, so one could assign a vice/virtue to be given with a title,
    we have been unable to determine if that works, we think not.

    3) no

    4) no
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