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Thread: Jerry Falwell still dead

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    Default Jerry Falwell still dead

    Went to the original Thread, but it's still locked. So figured what the hey - there's just to much good stuff out there about Jerry to leave this alone.

    Personally, I pretty much ignored him. He has been given credit for helping get Reagan elected - but, I don't view that as a positive thing.

    Some tid bits on him:

    Even found a poem, but it was even to crude for me to want to post it. So, as an alternative:

    Suppose he has a few more days to resurrect, god forbid. May he be remembered for what he believed, and the hate he supported.
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    Default Re: Jerry Falwell still dead

    There's a reason that the original thread is locked.

    It will be unlocked when and if staff feel it is appropriate. Making new threads on subjects that led to a lock is not helpful.

    The original thread may be unlocked in the future. This one will not be.

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