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    Where the hell are my princesses? Since installing 1.2 I haven't had one princess other than the one I start with. They're in the family tree, but don't appear on ther game map when they turn 18. They get offered husbands but I can't use them & move them about on the map like I used to. I've played about 30 - 40 turns and not a single ones appeared. What's going on? Anyone else getting this?

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    Have you tried the agent tab so see where they are (supposed!) to be. I had a similar problem with 1.1 patch and put it down to a bug.

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    If you marry them right when they turn up, you obviously won't see them on the map . What I usually do is turn down the first suitor for any new woman in my family tree except if he's Genghis Muhammad Bruce Lee or I'm sorely lacking in generals (which usually happens when I start expanding, since I never adopt anyone out of the blue). That way if it's a princess, I can find her, check and remember her name. Thus I get to play with them, and can turn down all their suitors.

    The thing is, they don't get any "coming of age" message, so they're easy to miss. Once I found two of them in a city, thinking that's where an elusive spy of mine was hidden, having no idea when they showed up.

    Also, only the king's daughters actually turn into strat map princesses, the other girls just stay home and offer candidates for marriage from time to time. So there's a lot of luck involved too : sometimes the king keels over before the girls they turn 18 (in which case, they become regular women-to-marry), sometimes you get a string of kings dying right after their daughters become princesses, making way for more.

    My last game as Scotland was an example of the latter : I was litteraly swimming in princesses, with 3 born in Edinbhurg over 5-6 turns, then the king dies, two more pop up in Jerusalem where the prince (now king) was crusading ; then HE snuffed it, and 2 more appeared in London where the new king is. He's 34 though, so that's probably the end of that .
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    No, seriously I've let them turn 18 (their picture in the family tree changes) then I search through the agent tabs in all of my cities. They're no where to be found even if I don't marry them off.

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    I think you miss how princesses work. A princess only shows in the game if she was the daughter of the king. All other females in the family tree won't show up as princesses. They only get marriage offers occasionally. The real princesses that can do diplomacy and steal enemy generals are quite rare.

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    That could possibly explain it. But I'm sure when I played before 1.2 they all appeared. Could be wrong...

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    Also, you don't need to go through the small agent tab of every city: just rightclick your agent tab and the overview showing all agents and their locations appears. That is a very useful tool and if you have no agent on that list, you haven't got one.
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    speaking of princesses, is it just me or do they have many more traits/ancillary options now post 1.2? I've seen nearly all of mine get the "loyal servant" ancillary, and a few even get the one with the 'overprotective (something like this) bodyguards" just out of nowhere. Also, it feels like they get those nasty ones less often as well like 'secret lover', but can sometimes start with some nasty traits as well (i mean wth, she just turned 18 and she is both charming+1 and unable to attain a man-2)

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    yeh, when i press on the agent tab, no princesses are listed is this just me!?

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    Princesses the agent type only appear if they are the daughter of the king/heir i believe, and only will appear in the agent tab if you don't accept any marriage proposals for them.

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    To say it one more time: Only unmarried daughters of the king and heir become princesses, and they come of age at age 16.
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    Well, the daughters of your king and heir become princesses once they come off age, which is at 16. And it's all written down neatly in the manual...

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    You should get a message "Suitable Prince" instead of "suitable Husband". The former being a marriage to your princess. If you turn that down, you may get a princess. I have mixed views about this however since I both got a princess or nothing at all by declining the suitable prince message.
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