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    Default Unmovable Unit

    In my current English game, I had a unit of longbowmen who couldn't be moved. When I clicked on them in the town where they were staying they didn't have a green area around them and just wouldn't go anywhere. They were part of a large army which had recently captured the town. I disbanded them. Has anyone else seen this.

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    Default Re: Unmovable Unit

    When I clicked on them in the town where they were staying they didn't have a green area around them
    Do you mean when you were looking at the battle map during a battle? Or were they separated into their own "army" on the campaign map?

    In either case, no, I haven't heard of targetable but unmoveable units.
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    Default Re: Unmovable Unit

    Happened to me too.

    It happens when an army has just enough movement points to get into a settlement and then you want one unit out of that army to move out again.

    When you select the unit, it always still shows a small green zone around the settlement even though the unit will not actually be able to move.

    So you try to move the unit out of the settlement so you don't forget about it. The unit is shown getting ready to leave, but the 'stepping out' animation and the opening gate sound don't happen. The unit graphic gets stuck on top of the settlement and doesn't get a standard over it.

    In my case I was able to select the unit by going into the settlement again and clicking on the unit card there. I could then move the unit around but it still had no standard over it and after a save and reload, the unit disappeared and I got a 'died in battle' message (it was a family member's unit).

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    Default Re: Unmovable Unit

    By the way he says he disbanded them, I'd say this was on the campaign map. In which case, yes, it sounds like that unit had run out of movement points.
    Remember that different units have different movement allowances per turn. It could be that your cavalry still had movement points left but your infantry had run out. Maybe you had merged that unit of longbowmen into the main army before your battle, that would have used up some movement points.

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    Default Re: Unmovable Unit >>> Has Anyone...

    My understanding is that MOVEMENT POINTS (strategic) is hard -coded

    The WHY is -
    I am trying to mod where militia and town guard units; rather than just get free upkeep to encourage keeping them in town;

    instead wont help unless its defense

    The easiest way i could see to do this was to make "defense" units

    0 Movement Points.

    My understyanding is this can't be modded; but i would love to be proven wrong on this one.

    Then if i get that working...
    the real fun begins.


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