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    Forgive me if I just missed it but is anyone doing a Shogun mod for M2TW?

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    Hi Dimeolas,
    I'm sorry to say that I don't think any Shogun Mods exist for M2:TW. Appologies.
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    Thank you, but at least the new game is moddable yes? So it is possible for the future. Whatever happened to the ran no jidai?

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    Ran no Jidai is a modification for Rome: Total War, not Medieval II: Total War, and can be located here:

    Ran no Jidai Sub-Forum

    It appears like it will be a fantastic mod. There are also some similarities in code from RTW to M2TW, but many of the things such as their stunning buildings would need to be re-done to capture the graphical potential as well as different method used in M2, so a port would not be easy for such a distictive change in era. No one knows what the next CA game will be, but there's still a chance it could be a second Shogun, so let's maybe not be too hasty to push hard for a Japan era mod unless there's enough skilled people who really want to do it.


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