Greetings ALL !

I have some more questions on the cinematic editor I hope someone can help me with:

  1. I'm getting black renders when using the render.bat. What is the cause of this and how can I fix it ?
  2. When I open a successfully rendered .avi in Premiere (CS3 Beta) it also gives me a black .avi. How do I fix this ? It's the same in Windows Movie Maker.
  3. What does the green bar represent in the Cinedit ?
  4. How do you conrol the cam speed ?
  5. How do you set the 1st cam after 00:00 ?
  6. I carried this over and it did not render sound.
    Is Cinedit able to render sound ?
    speech_enable = 1
    speech_vol = 1
    music_vol = 0
  7. In Windows Movie Maker's project view, I cannot see the whole clip, it shows a second or two and then goes black, but it does render it into a movie when I "finish movie". Anyone know why this happens ?

Many thanks in advance !