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Thread: Another fine mess!

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    Default Another fine mess!

    The government passes a, (ill thought out), law. The judges uphold that law. The government cries foul and says that the judges are 'interpreting' the law incorrectly. The judges retort that the law was made and passed by the present regime and they should have considered the implications that the statute would have. The government now decides that the law that they had passed needs amending, because the application of said law is making them look like monkeys.

    Ladies and gentlemen, may I present European Convention on Human Rights.

    The home secretary, John Reid, made clear yesterday he is prepared to declare a "state of emergency" to suspend key parts of the human rights convention if the law lords do not overturn a series of judgments that have weakened the anti-terrorist control order regime.

    His warning to the courts followed his acute embarrassment yesterday when he had to confirm to MPs that three terror suspects whom he had placed under control orders to prevent them travelling to Iraq to kill British and US troops had all absconded on Monday night.,00.html

    After the latest fiasco in which three terror suspects went on the run after breaching their control orders, the Home Secretary said yesterday that the Government would consider declaring that there was an emergency threat to the country, allowing it to opt out of human rights legislation, if all other options failed.

    Something must be done. We can't have the government of the day looking like a bunch of incompetent nincompoops, now can we?

    Asinine laws from an idiotic government, who fail time and again to think through the impact that their fetish for legislation has produced.

    So where to from here? Do we dump this ridiculous law or do we decide that human rights are more important than human safety?

    One things for sure. If a cock up is possible, the host of cretins in Westminster will endeavour to make it a royal one.
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    There are times I wish they’d just ban everything- baccy and beer, burgers and bangers, and all the rest- once and for all. Instead, they creep forward one apparently tiny step at a time. It’s like being executed with a bacon slicer.

    “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.”

    To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise.

    "The purpose of a university education for Left / Liberals is to attain all the politically correct attitudes towards minorties, and the financial means to live as far away from them as possible."

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    Default Re: Another fine mess!

    Everything europe should be ignored by default, most of all the human rights convention. Only gets in the way of common sense. Ya, pretty shaming.

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    Default Re: Another fine mess!

    —Let police question suspects after charges
    If a lawyer for the defendant is present, I don't see the problem with this. Clarification please?

    Courts to draw inference of guilt from silence
    This is just plain wrong. Protection from self-incrimination should remain a cornerstone of our judicial system.

    Legislate to allow control orders involve curfews of up to 18 hours
    Depending on the case, and coupled with an electronic monitoring device, this should be a common sense requirement. Failure to agree or comply should land one in jail.
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