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Thread: Theory about character's aging rate

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    Default Theory about character's aging rate

    I think I figured out a way to modify the aging rate so characters(at least family members) will live the amount of year they should in reality at 1 year per turn, at the descr_campain_db.txt there's the following lines:
    <max_age uint="90"/>
    <max_age_for_marriage_for_male uint="60"/>
    <max_age_for_marriage_for_female uint="40"/>
    <max_age_before_death uint="105"/>
    <max_age_of_child uint="10"/>
    <old_age uint="60"/>
    <age_of_manhood uint="16"/>
    <daughters_age_of_consent uint="14"/>
    <daughters_retirement_age uint="45"/>
    <age_difference_min int="-10"/>
    <age_difference_max int="30"/>
    <parent_to_child_min_age_diff uint="12"/>
    <min_adoption_age uint="20"/>
    <max_adoption_age uint="30"/>
    <max_age_for_conception uint="50"/>
    <age_of_manhood_close uint="14"/>
    <max_number_of_children uint="4"/>
    so I thought that if I halve all these number except the last one the characters will live the years they should at one year turn campaing.making it look this way:

    <max_age uint="45"/>
    <max_age_for_marriage_for_male uint="30"/>
    <max_age_for_marriage_for_female uint="20"/>
    <max_age_before_death uint="52"/>
    <max_age_of_child uint="5"/>
    <old_age uint="30"/>
    <age_of_manhood uint="8"/>
    <daughters_age_of_consent uint="7"/>
    <daughters_retirement_age uint="23"/>
    <age_difference_min int="-5"/>
    <age_difference_max int="15"/>
    <parent_to_child_min_age_diff uint="6"/>
    <min_adoption_age uint="10"/>
    <max_adoption_age uint="15"/>
    <max_age_for_conception uint="25"/>
    <age_of_manhood_close uint="7"/>
    <max_number_of_children uint="4"/>
    well, I don't tested it but theoretically I think it's right.At least according to the proportion:
    2(number of turn's needed to the character get one year older)
    x(time certain thing will happen in the character life)
    1(number of year's per turn)
    y(time certain thing will happen in the character life if he
    aged proportionally to 1 year per turn.)
    2 = 1
    x y

    <max_age uint="90"/> thus x = 90 (example)

    2 1
    90 y
    2y = 90
    y= 45
    so we conclude that 2y = x , right?
    it's just a thought, anyone think it's gonna work?
    It's a good alternative to the aging script I think, cause the script causes some problems like devastation never going away.
    P.S: I't would make characters(at least family members) live the amount of year's they supposed at 1 year per turn but their age indication at the character scroll would be wrong.

    by maximianusbr

    P.S: Halve all initial character's age(less the agent's cause I think this mod won't affect them) or else the campaing will not even begin cause some characters will be older then the age limit...
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