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Thread: Multiplayer, poor pc performance

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    Default Multiplayer, poor pc performance

    Ello, I know this area can kinda be vague and different for everyone even with the sdame setup but I just thought I'd check.

    My multiplayer games can be really really choppy, even with 2v2 on small army settings - all graphics setting on low. I can host but again its really choppy - not always though. There have been occassions when Ive hosted or joined a host and the gameplay was fine, but this is not as often as it being choppy. Most of the time my fps is pretty grim.

    My connection seems to be stable - (cable broadband 2mb). out of about 30-40 online games so far Ive only been the cause of making one game stall (and thats cos I think ms update was running)

    I play single player with all settings on high and only have to turn them down on really massive battles, I have unit size on large.

    I have a p4 2.6 (yea I know) geforce 7600GS 256mb, 2gig ram, 94.xx drivers, and to be honest ive turned the screen setting down to 1024x768!

    I just checked Yellowmelons rig and thread (oops) and mine seems to be very similar - more ram but less processor..

    Im very clean from spybots/ware,viruses and ive just DLed and reinstalled the latest DX c with the update.

    So basically all Im asking is -are my system specs too low to play mp even on 1024x768 with all settings on low, if thats the case then I think theyve gone too far with this game...I only bought the 7600GS about 2 months ago, I couldnt afford anything else and its kinda great for all my other games - everything on high.

    BTW Ive not had connection probs really but my firewall is ZA pro and mtw access is all enables and ive opened all the relavent udp tcp ports.
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    Default Re: Multiplayer, poor pc performance

    From what i see your comp should be gd enough to play the game with low or even middle graphics settings.

    What i suggest is to make the speedtest and if that is fine get and check your FPS. If that is ok 2, check if your ports are open (if u use a router).


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