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Thread: How to Reinstall CD key

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    Hi All,

    Sorry if this is answered elsewhere in this forum but i coudn't find the answer here or in the apothecary. Anyway, I'm installing MTW on my laptop (dell d610) but am never prompted to enter my CD Key, consequently I can run the battle tutorial and it runs but the nothing else does. Basically it allows my to choose my options and then boots me out of the game.

    How do I enter my CD key if I'm never prompted?

    Here's what i've tried already

    I've entered it in when I went to multigame and that didn't seem to do the trick.

    I, probably foolishly, went into regedit and tried to enter there.

    I've installed the patch



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    Hi ctuai,
    May I ask if the game crashes to the desktop when you try to do these things? If it does, then there is a possibility that it may be a problem with your graphics card's newer drivers or simply your graphics card rather than a horrible issue with your CD-Key - M:TW has a horrible intolerance for newer drivers and cards. Just incase this may be the nasty problem preventing you from playing this brilliant game, may I suggest that you attempt to follow the instructions in this thread should you have a Nivida card. Hopefully, it will resolve your problem so you can simply play this great game to it's full capacity! Hope this helps, my sincere appologies if I'm wrong, cheers!
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    it crashes to the desktop. what i dont get is that it runs the battle tutorial which seems to indicate that the graphics work card is compatible.

    Wonder why it doesn't prompt for the CD key or how do i force it to ask for it.

    thanks for the tip



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