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Thread: Character name length limit

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    Default Character name length limit

    I've been working away on a little mod of my own for a while now however there is something that is bugging me a lot. Is there a way to change the limit of how many letters can be in a character's name?

    Baron Charles Fodmotherington Stoat-Fumbler gets the r cut off.
    The faction leader title is Baron %S Fodmotherington
    Charles is his name
    and Stoat-Fumbler is a trait based title.

    Before anyone says it, this name isn't long, if my friend had his way then the name would actually be The Somewhat Honorable Baron Charles Pemberly Stoat-Fumbler Underwater Unicyclist Fish-frightener Royal Fodmotherington IV

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    So does anyone know if there is some file which changes the limit of letters or is it hard coded?


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    Default Re: Character name length limit

    It's hardcoded.

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    Default Re: Character name length limit

    I thought so, but I wasn't sure.



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