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Thread: Dismounted Boyar Sons options?

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    Default Dismounted Boyar Sons options?

    Ok, this will be my last thread for the day

    I want to mod the Dismounted Boyar Sons to make them more unique. I'm trying to figure out the best way to make them different than the Dismoutned Druzhina.

    The closest unit to Boyar Sons is the near equivalent javelin cavalry of Poland, the Polish Nobles. When dismounted, they are spearmen. However, I think Dismounted Polish Nobles have almost identical stats to Polish Spearmen, so I don't want to trade one identical unit for another one by making DBS the same as my Russian Spearmen. I was considering making them still have javelins when dismounted and retaining their one handed axe for close combat, but I don't know if their is much historical precendent for using javelins that much in medieval Russia, let alone while riding horseback.

    Anyway, any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Dismounted Boyar Sons options?

    How about giving them swords? This would enable Russia to building swordsmiths guild (if you mod the files there too). Maybe make them faster moving or cheaper than the druszina to compensate.

    Don't know if javelins are historically correct, but you could go that way too, making them more like legionnaires maybe (disabling skirmish mode).

    good luck with the modding!
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