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Thread: Diadochi Total War Features!

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    Default Diadochi Total War Features!

    Here is a list of features:

    New vegetation:
    New and more grass
    New skies
    New landscapes
    Longer Battles
    New Interface
    New Units
    New Factions
    New Animations
    New Horses
    Scripts are included
    new sounds
    no peasant to recruit
    new strat models
    new strat city view
    Building Cost are more expensive
    Unit costs are higher
    Maybe Zero recruitment time for militia

    new historical battles

    Included Mods:
    City view on strat map by prometheus ts
    Grass addon by prometheus
    Siege mod by fat sheep
    Realistic landscape mod by anyan
    realistic tree mod by orrie boy
    horses by pinarius
    new interfaces by snake4
    strat map models by riczu74
    Skies from repman

    Thanks a lot to all these modders!

    Please tell me your opinion about those Features

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    Default Re: Diadochi Total War Features!

    Sounds Great Turk

    How will you distribute the mod?? How about Rapidshare Mirrors and a torrent download also like Europa Barbarorum? I know several torrent sites where you could upload the download

    IN Total War I Trust!!

    The Foolish Horseman, previously known as GBB

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    Default Re: Diadochi Total War Features!

    Umm sounds great. If it is completed, i want to give it a shot :)
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    Default Re: Diadochi Total War Features!

    looking forward to this mod and all of these new features

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    Default Re: Diadochi Total War Features!

    seems like a great mod. really looking forward to it. keep up good work


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