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    I'm trying to make my own custom map, but it isn't going too well. I have searched for tutorials, but haven't found any that clearly explain what you have to do when you start from scratch with a map.
    So if anyone can point me towards a tutorial which does explain that, or help out, it would be much appreciated.

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    There's one in the old R:TW scriptorium. Most of the stuff is still true, but you have to do a few additional things such as creating map_fog.tga

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    Also, you could try using a mapping base, like the Basic Europe Map or Big Map Labyrinth - that's how I got mine working. You'll still need the tutorials to get you on your way, but the templates will give you a headstart :D

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    Well, perhaps this is useful for someone.

    A quickly build fantasy map. (1.6 MB)
    Containing a complete mod folder (nearly minimal) to use as starting point for own maps or to learn campaign map making or as testing environment for new ideas.

    In this build you can see my suggestion for an island city like venice. ;)
    (Look at descr_strat to unlock the two rebel armies ;) )

    Kaiser of Blitz
    from Aemilius Paulus for EB Unit List Reloaded
    from soup_alex for EB Unit List Reloaded


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