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Thread: Interesting challenge in my Brutii campaign.

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    Default Interesting challenge in my Brutii campaign.

    In my current campaign H/M with the Brutii, a very cool thing just happened. I got treacherously attacked by the Dacian who was taking advantage of the fact that most of My armies were in Pergamum and Bylazora fighting the greeks and the macedonians respectively. An army comprising of 2 heavy cav (general included) 3 warband (1 carrying the Ram) and 1 archer laid siege to the small town of Salona garrisoned by semi-retired troops ( 1 hafl strength and 1 quarter strength Hastati, 1 half strength equites and My son-in-law Scribonius). I thought about letting the city fall and taking revenge later but the thought of Dacian hands defiling my daughter made me gather available units to attempt a rescue. Vibius Brutus coordinated the rescue party using several troops from Thermon, Croton and Tarentum which would make close to a full stack when they meet off the coast of Salona.

    Unfortunatley as the fleets carrying these armies began arriving at the rendez-vous, Vibius received word that the Dacians had almost finished building their war machines and the city would fall before he could organize the army still in the process of landing. Having heard that Illyrian mercenaries were wandering near the city, He left the main army with only his mounted bodyguards and rode during the night to meet them. He acquired their help just as the Dacian was beginning his assault on the city. Vibius then rode hard towards the rear gate after instructing the mercenaries to follow him at double time.

    Meanwhile in the city Scribonius was instructing my daughter on how to kill herself when he was told of the arrival of his Brother-in-law. He immediately returned to the gates to for a strategy designed to give as much time as possible for Vibius to arrive. He deployed his Hastati at the end of the main street leading to the center of town and then led a sortie with the equites to delay the enemy's advance. He routed the archers and attacked the soldiers carrying the Ram stopping it cold. However, the blood fever fell upon him and he stayed too long in this melee. The enemy general charged in with full force and routed him. Of the fifty men who went out, only 3 came back along with Scribonius himself. Closing the gates in panic he ran back to the center square.

    The Dacians Rammed the gate and swarmed inside. They split their force in two with the lesser force (led by the general) coming up on along the right side of the town. The Hastati were waiting for the rest of the force coming up along the main street. They discharged their lances and braced for attack when Vibius came into the city from the rear to stand behind them in support (I know there is no bonus from another general but still...).

    'Where is the rest of your army??' cried a distraught Scribonius on the edge of panic.

    'They`ll be along shortly just relax' Vibius turned to the men in the streets, while sweeping his sword from the rear gate to the side 'Romans! as we speak, 250 Illyrian allies are running to our help. Do you know what I want them to see when they get here? I want them to see Proud Roman warriors standing over a mountain of Dacian filth! Now look to your enemy, know that your back is covered and slaughter them to a man!'

    The hastati gave a cheer and with grim resolve met the enemy in hand to hand combat. Vibius then turned to meet the enemy general before he could move up the side street. It is at about this time that the Illryans arrived completly exhausted by their run. Vibius came back to the center with the General hot on his heels and managed to trap him between two Illiryans. The General was killed and the battle then turned to our favour.

    I was on the edge of my seat the whole time really good gaming experience...

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    Default Re: Interesting challenge in my Brutii campaign.

    Nice! Always good to hear player experiences. At least, I like too.

    Meanwhile in the city Scribonius was instructing my daughter on how to kill herself
    Your family has got to be a cheery bunch to think of that, before the worst is sure to happen.
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    Default Re: Interesting challenge in my Brutii campaign.

    Quote Originally Posted by KidFury
    I was on the edge of my seat the whole time really good gaming experience...
    Nothing in RTW is more enjoyable than a tensely fought battle. Win or lose, if it gets down to the nub before I can be sure then I have usually had a blast.

    My latest really close one involved virtually all of the Roman army pitted against Pyrhhus and his greeks (with elephants) as they sallied from recently conquered Capua to break my siege. Note -- I play XGM now, H/M. Killed Pyrhhus quickly as his cavalry got into line before his infantry caught up -- then took out most of the elephants with pila. Then, short of pila for the hoplites and phalangites -- AARGH! Much tactical flanking, velites doing lots of sword work, family members all surviving but with no bodyguard larger than6 at the finish -- ended up taking the square after following a router through the gate. Epirote force took 95% casualties before the 3 minute square occupation elapsed. My force -- roughly equal in numbers at start, absorbed 85+% caualties (some of whom recovered). A pyrhic victory for Rome!

    Of course, its also fun to suffer 7 casualties during a sally while downing 500+ of them, but we all have our weaknesses.
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