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Thread: Thread prefixes

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    Default Thread prefixes

    Most of you will have noticed the increasing appearance of prefixes to threads in the Backroom. Some of you will be familiar with this process from the Citadel and several are already choosing to use the prefix options.

    The option to add a prefix to your thread is available to all. This is the method:

    If you start to make a new post, to the immediate left of the box for the Thread Title, you will see a drop down list of the available prefixes. You can choose one of these to categorise your thread.

    These thread prefixes are also sortable (if you look at the bottom of the Backroom page, you will see sorting options based on date etc, and prefixes are now available).
    The prefixes available are determined by the staff. There is a maximum of twenty slots, and these can be modified. We have chosen a few already that seem to reflect the main themes in the Backroom. These are not set in stone, and we would appreciate members' feedback on the prefixes you would like to see available.

    The test of whether the prefixes are useful will be if they get used. There is, of course, no necessity to add a prefix to your thread.

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    Default Re: Thread prefixes

    With all due respect I feel the Backroom should be left as it is. No new visual aids and gadgets please. There comes a point where gadgetry goes at the expense of content, and the point has been reached. We have smileys, polls, vb-codes galore. Backrooms should be smokey joints with elementary furniture, cheap decorations and raucous conversation. Places where even a blind horse could do no harm, as we say in The Neds. No offense meant.
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