Hi everyone! (my first post is on...)

I have MTW with all patches, VI and XL mod installed. The problem is, I liked the Naphta Throwers very much and because of the limit of 256 units, they were not included in unit roster in XL mod.

I tried to change the unit roster myself, and I replaced the Naphta Catapult Crew with Naphta Throwers - I did it manually, by copying the NT specifications from original unit file to modded XL unit file, while removing the Naphta Catapult from it.

Everything is ok in strategic view and in unit production - Naphta Throwers exist, their numbers are ok, they look like themselves, unit description and production time are all ok. The problem appears when I enter battle - NT look and act exactly like Naphta Catapult Crew! (i.e. no movement, they shoot like catapult etc.) I obviously didn't do something that I should additionally do, but I don't know what. If there is anyone that could help me, I would be very grateful.

Best regards to all,