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    Hi, I am new to Total War and have a question about the unit size setting and what effect it has in the campaign map. I was wondering what effect setting the unit size to large or huge rather than normal will have in the campaign ? Has the campaign been designed to be played on normal unit size ? And will changing the unit size to large or huge affect the campaign AI balance ?

    Any help on this topic would be much appreciated.


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    Mostly it has little effect, except make battles last longer at the price of being a lot less manageable.

    The side effects are :
    - each individual unit kills more, and has higher chance of survival, hence faster XP gain, esp. for cavalry chasing down routers

    - siege engines are still 2 to a unit, decreasing their impact and mostly relegating them to their original role : blasting walls and towers.

    - huge units fighting to the death in city squares reduce the impact of heavy cav somewhat, as does the increased "blobbing" of troops/stragglers in all battles, which messes up their charges more often than not.

    - more archers per unit means more archers shooting at the same amount of siege equipment (but that may well be taken into account by the engine already)
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    What Kobal2fr said.

    Also, units take twice as long to recruit on huge. A unit that normally takes one turn to recruit takes two, and a unit that took two takes four.

    Also, I have a question. Some of us have been on the forum a long time. I think there's an assumption that everybody's played this game a long time. Is this forum helpful to a new player? What kind of post would a new player like to see?
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    Good question.

    Do you feel the guides forum has it all ? What is it missing ? Is this forum easy to navigate ?
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    Hi, thanks for the reply. I was also wondering what effect setting the unit size to large or huge has during play on the campaign map rather than in battles ? Does this affect the AI balance in the world map ? Does it affect affect the economy and AI aggressiveness etc. ?

    Thanks for your help.

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    For the most part it doesn't effect the strat. map. It doesn't really deplete your cities either. As long as your actively building it up you'll still be growing comfortable even with making max units every turn.


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