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Thread: EB for Travian?

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    Default EB for Travian?

    Any plans to make an EB for this?

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    Default Re: EB for Travian?

    That looks so completely different to EB that I can't see why you'd draw any association at all.

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    Default Re: EB for Travian?

    lol lets say I was on drugs.

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    Default Re: EB for Travian?


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    Default Re: EB for Travian?

    Yeah, I knoiw that game. It's really ahistorical, tough I've only heard a bit from some freinds. That was a long time ago tough...


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    Default Re: EB for Travian?

    lol this game is just fantastic. You build a 2d building, that takes 30 minutes. Then you wait 24 hours before youre able to do anything again. ONE click in 24 hours. Marvelous. Outstanding. And there are hundred thousands out there playing it lol.


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