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    So, I downloaded the mod and played it for the first time today, I picked the Romani and started to build an army of Rorarii and Hastati, backed up with some slingers, I sent them on towards Bononia, I was outnumbered but I was positive I could defeat the large stack of rebels.
    To put things short...I got massacred, I merely dented there army in a small way, my army routed and was mostly destroyed.
    (I'm playing m/m btw, i'm quite teh noob :))
    So, I was infuriated and started to build another army of Romani warriors, I was pleased with myself as I had defeated an Epirot army south of Arpi.
    I sent my army in and got two units of Enoci Curoas to be the cannon fodder for the first charge, the battle went well at first, Besides from the two mercs I had a General, around two units of Hastati, four units of Princepes, one unit of Triari, some calvary and a battalion of slingers.
    First it went as planned, I was winning but then I noticed my lines were crippling under the force of Naked Fanatics, soon my frontal force was routed and I sent in the Princepes, the common troops of the Rebels were met with a hail of Pilla, but, that only encouraged the Rebels to try harder, my four units of Princepes were encircled and routed, I had been using my unit of Calvary to charge, withdraw and charge again whilst the enemy units were engaged with my infantry, but to no avail, I routed my commander myself.
    So, two crushing defeats only got me more encouraged to take the settlement, the large rebel force was only a mere shadow of it's former might and this time I had no problem in winning the battle, the year is 64bc and I have only captured two settlements since the game began...
    I love this mod!
    If this is in the wrong section I apologise..

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    Woops...This is about Europa Barbarorum, just realised that it is in the wrong forum, if anyone could move it to the R:TW Hosted Modifications forum and put it in the Europa Barbaroum section, i'd greatly appriciate it!


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