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Thread: Casse No Boats!!

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    Default Casse No Boats!! faction leader is berae maxed in management and influence but i can't build BOATS to get off the island i can build dockyards but no boats, also there is no information under the building icons for ship yards or anything related to me building boats to get off the island, only "you should not see this, please report error". other than im stuck on the island THIS IS AN AWSOME MOD i will never play regular rome again but for the love of the casse help me get off the island

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    Default Re: Casse No Boats!!

    Only in specific provinces can you build a naval port, which is required for building ships. The trading port is not enough, but I think it is needed to be able to build the naval one.

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    Lightbulb Re: Casse No Boats!!

    Military boat building is possible only in a limited number of provinces. This map indicates were, although bear in mind it may not be up to date. The nearest potential military ports for the Casse are Ictis and Ivernis.
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    Default Re: Casse No Boats!!

    I suggest the ability to build boats should be extended the the Casse starting city, this may encourage the ai to build boats and get involved in the continent, rather than being sitting ducks all campaign, having their boats destroyed by pirates. Maybe even a landbridge should be added, because the Casse do nothing.

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    Default Re: Casse No Boats!!

    A solution would have to be found the pirates are the ones stopping their expansion I believe, in BI the AI is capable of good moves using naval invasions, also the fact that they start allied with the Gallic tribes makes them passive.
    A landbridge would be too ahistorical, maybe JMRC experiment with the win conditions regarding the descr_win_conditions.txt file can make them move over the channel.
    Or maybe the Belgae provinces should rebel to them so if in some games they rebel to the Casse it will be like they crossed (in a way).
    Or to make it a sure thing they could start with Camulosadae and one of the Belgae provinces might be a stretch historically but that way they will do something (hopefully) on both sides of the channel.
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    Default Re: Casse No Boats!!

    That actually kinda makes sense. Wasn't Caesar's excuse for his Britannian foray that the Britons had been helping the continental Belgae revolt or something along those lines ?
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