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    Default Progress thread

    Hi all,

    This is the thread which records the progress which we are doing in the mod. I won't list everything, so there are plenty of suprises left.

    What we are working on now:

    Adding the faction to the Campaign.


    I am adding the faction of New Spain, which shall be fairly easy considering there is already a Spain Faction. All symbols, maps and radars are done for it, now to add units,buildings and assign it on the campaign map.

    Thats all we are doing for now, i shall update this regularly.

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    Default Re: Progress thread

    I wont be here for two months starting today since im off to visit family in brazil.

    But i still support u guys!!!!!!!!

    New spain will have what territories??

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    Default Re: Progress thread

    Hey there! Seems like there hasn't been much going on here but I wanted ot let you guys know I think this is sweet idea and can't wait to play it! This is too good an idea to let die down. Stay on this one! If you need any help with research or writing descriptions and other such mundane tasks let me know, I like to learn new stuff and would love to help out a nice original idea like this.
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    Default Re: Progress thread

    Hahhahaha, man im pretty sure everybody on this mod spontaniously had a heart-attack and died. still, may help to try and revive it.
    ­­well guys, im off like a lepper teste

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    Default Re: Progress thread

    Warluster pmed me almost 2 months ago about merging with my mod 'The Frontier' or previously 'North America: Total War'. I then started to try and organise stuff but got very lack-lustre answers from him, and he simply refused to chat on MSN or anything. So I sort of gave up with him and haven't heard anything since. Regardless, I now have a pretty much completed map and will be previewing it after the release of Kingdoms, and will then try to gather a team.

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    Default Re: Progress thread

    hi this mod is up ?
    is not death ?

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    Default Re: Progress thread


    Is this mod Death? i hope not


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