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Thread: Rivers, or lack thereof

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    Default Rivers, or lack thereof

    I was watching "The 13th Warrior" last night (Great Film), and near the start there is a Norse ship docked at the side of the river. This was in the middle east! So after that, I booted up the game and I noticed the lack of rivers that can be used, and I thought to myself. Why no rivers in the game?

    Does anyone here know if it would it be possible to mod the camp map to allow the use of rivers? Imagine the possibilities, especially with a faction like the Danes.

    Just food for thought, does anyone else like the sound of this?
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    Default Re: Rivers, or lack thereof

    Hmm I don't think that's possible without making rivers akin to sea zones.

    In the Broken Crescent mod there are many more rivers. I'll fetch you a screenshot later.
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    Default Re: Rivers, or lack thereof

    I could be possible using the high-sea terrain and the correspondent movement-thingie.

    Would create some problems when the way to the New World is opened though.


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