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Thread: castle trouble

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    Default castle trouble

    hey to all u people out there

    i have a major problem running med 2 is fun and quick.
    but when i play in sieges the computer resets itself.
    ive got no trouble with rome or any other total war games

    can anyone help

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    Default Re: castle trouble

    Hi there, and welcome.

    I'm not quite sure about this one, you might want to try the Apothecary (Technical Problems).
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    Default Re: castle trouble

    Have you, by any chance, installed the 1.2 patch?

    Installing this over 1.1, a 1.1 installation with edited files, or failing to make proper sacrifices to the gods prior to hitting the install key can cause this problem.

    If you have done so, I suggest you try, as painful as it is, a full reinstall of M2TW.
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