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Thread: I\'m thinking about joining a clan

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    Since i'm still playing my first Campaign which i started a few days ago.And i'm still trying to get myself used to all the different troop type i was thinking about playing online.Now my online time has been varied but mostly i get my head handed to me when i played Mechcommander and StarFleet Command.But i think maybe i might do somewhat better maybe so i was thinking about joining one of the clans.The question is which one to join maybe i can get some help on this one.Maybe some of the clan leaders might let me know a little about their clans,so i can get an idea about which one to join.I want to make this happen but i do need some help from you good people out there.Maybe there's a few people who can take me online and play some test games to get some idea of my abilities.And then help me thru some things i'm not afraid to learn but i do need a little guidence.So you can either post here or send me an email to discuss things hope to hear from some of you.


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    I am happy that you're joining a clan but do it in the clans forum pls.

    nofear is at

    pls move the post shiro/cat/anssi

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    The site admin can move/close threads in any forum.

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    It's on it's way. View the thread here.

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