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Thread: Carrodunum should be Celtic and not Germanic

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    Default Carrodunum should be Celtic and not Germanic


    When I was pursuing a CTD that ocurred when Carrodunum rebelled to the Aedui, I noticed that this city whould be of Celtic origin and not of Germanic (as is defined in the game).

    The reasons for this are:

    - region and city name are not of germanic kind
    - The starting units are celtic and celto-hellenic
    - The starting governor (Cocolitanos) belongs to the sub_faction gauls (Aedui)
    - When the city upgrades while in the slave ownership, the AI choses a gaulic type of government building. Afterwards, the AI choses to build a gov3 or gov4 building connected to the gauls.

    In my game, I opted to change the necessary files in order to give Celtic origin to this city. I made it exactly as happens with the nearby city of Eburonum.

    However, I would like to know if historically this Celtic origin is correct.


    PS: If you want to know the solution for this CTD, it's in the post

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    Default Re: Carrodunum should be Celtic and not Germanic

    What exactly is Germanic about it? "as is defined in the game" - I don't understand, is this talking about creator/owner/culture, we don't have anything else but those.

    edit: Oh, I realize this is that Lugian province and not the one in Gaul we had problems with CTD's with because of the stone circle sitting on top of the town.

    Yeah, we meant for that province to have a different creator, because it was a mix of Germanic and Celtic peoples and having it rebel to Germans was supposed to be preferred instead of having it rebel to Celts. We didn't realize the problems though with rebellion-CTD's at that time, but the new fix will take away that problem so I think this will remain with a Germanic creator.
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