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Thread: Possible EBBS_SCRIPT.txt error - Marian reforms

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    Default Possible EBBS_SCRIPT.txt error - Marian reforms

    monitor_event SettlementTurnStart SettlementName Cannae
    and I_CompareCounter Romanii_Reform = 1
    and FactionType seleucid
    and SettlementBuildingExists = latifundium
    	inc_counter Latifundia 1
    There is no settlement named Cannae. It is now called Arpi. I recall reading that the in-game names of settlements matter in the script. Am I right in thinking therefore that a latifundium in Arpi will not count towards the seven required for the Marian reform to trigger?

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    Default Re: Possible EBBS_SCRIPT.txt error - Marian reforms

    Yes. It has already been fixed in the internal build.
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